God’s Plan

Japanese teacher, Mokoto Abe had her last day on Friday, Dec 21. She has left to Washington State during the winter break with her husband, who was hired as a Bible publisher.

“I did want to finish the year out, but I’ve been praying to God to send me where He wants me,” Abe said.

Abe has been teaching for about 6 years and was a substitute at Churchill, Madison and Lee, before becoming a teacher here. Abe’s husband is a writer and because of his job offerings, they have been to New York before coming to San Antonio.

“When my husband was called, I felt like it was God’s suggestion [for him to take it and for us to move],” Abe said.

There is no new Japanese teacher yet, only a long-tern substitute, Mrs. Allison. Principal Canales has an idea of who he wants, but has no actual information about him.

“There is a guy recommended for the job, but he is still under contract with another district,” Canales said. “He should contact me about being the teacher by today or tomorrow,”

Mrs. Allison will be the substitute for the new two weeks, or until the new teacher arrives.

“I’m not certified in Japanese [which is why I’m here for two weeks],” Allison said. “I’ve had tremendous help from Mrs. Arnold, the head of the language department.”

The students are all missing Abe Sensei and are all working hard with the substitute and will continue to work hard for the new teacher.

“I was really sad [when I heard about Abe Sensei leaving] because Abe Sensei is a great teacher. She was always a really nice teacher,” ISA sophomore Kenneth Williams said. “I’m really looking forward to the new teacher, because I think it’s good to be taught from several different view points and standpoints, but I’m also worried because Abe Sensei came from a Japanese background and maybe this new teacher doesn’t.”

A Japanese-like drawing has been left on the board from Friday, Dec. 21, when students were writing goodbye’s on Abe Sensei’s board.
“A student asked me to leave it on because I had to erase everything on it to put the lesson up,” Allison said.

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