MUNSA to remember

Last week, the International School of the Americas once again hosted the largest student-run Model United Nations in the nation. This is the eighteenth time that there has been a MUNSA conference, and it seems that the conference continues to expand in both number of delegates as well as quality of the rooms and chairs within them.

The conference theme this year was Odyssey, due to the fact that most conference proceeds went to an international organization attempting to eradicate modern slavery. The conference ended up raising at least $4000 dollars to send to the organization.

This year saw the both the revival and creation of committees. The formerly deceased Crisis and Historical Crisis Committees proved to be a big hit with the attending delegates, and the new committees such as the Special Political Committee and World Bank provided new flavor to the conference.

One of the aspects to take into account are the sponsors of MUNSA. According to recent reports and emails to the Secretariat, this was a very successful conference. One sponsor  had even remarked “I must admit, it seems that MUNSA gets better every year”.

The positive reviews from both the delegation and sponsors seem to imply that the MUNSA tradition will continue years to come.

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