A Third First Place

WGI (Winter Guard International) Austin Regional competition was this Saturday, at Lehman Lehman High School, Feb. 22 and Winter guard made it to finals, as well as placed made it to the Top 3, as first place. Their final score was 80.520.

The girls have been undefeated in two circuits, WGI and TECA (Texas Educational Colorguard Association). Their last two competitions, they placed first at both Steel High School (Feb. 1) and Wagner High School (Feb. 8).

“Since we placed first at Steel, we competed with a much higher class when we went to Wagner,” assistant instructor, Micah Gause said. “That was pretty great that we placed first again [at Wagner].”


The girls performing for the first time, at Lehman High School.

The girls competed against 37 other schools at Lehman. Twenty-five other schools also made it to finals. Lee was ranked second.

“It’s a great accomplishment, especially being in such a competitive district,” Guard director, Raymond Ramirez said. “I felt confident leaving Lee. The girls knew what they wanted and they went and got it.”

The wait to find out about finals was about two hours, as well as the wait for the Top 3. After the last performances, the awards were announced and Lee was placed first for Regional A – Division one rating.

“I’m excited to see them place first, because it shows their hard work paying off,” Ramirez said. “I feel confident going into their next WGI competition, because these girls love what they do and want nothing more than to be successful and learn. What helped the girls place first was that they knew they had to prove to  themselves and everyone that they could make anything happen and they did. These girls have heart and drive and I know that this is just the beginning for this group and many more to come.”


Winter Guard

Winter Guard performing for the first time, at Lehman High School.


(from left to right, back row) Jackie Villarreal, Isabel Rodriguez, Bailey Martinez, Leslie Martinez, Karla Baltazar, Julia Vasquez, Briana Rodriguez, Megan Solis, Myranda Acevedo
(left from right, bottom row) Captains Zoe Robinson, Rebecca Webb, Iliana Medrano, Ally Trevino.

Winter Guard award

(from left to right, back row) Jackie Villarreal, Bailey Martinez, Isabel Rodriguez, Briana Rodriguez, Karla Baltazar, Julia Vasquez, Leslie Martinez, Myranda Acevedo, Megan Solis.
(from left to right, bottom row) Captains Iliana Medrano, Rebecca Webb, Ally Trevino and Zoe Robinson.










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