Summer of Love

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, (May 1, 2, 3) NESA’s Musical Theater and Instrumental Music students held an 80’s rock music concert production in the auditorium from 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday, (May 4) the show began at 2 p.m. Everyone who attended either day was in for some groovy tunes and radical singing. Senior Daniel Lorenzo, an Instrumental Musical student led the band for all four nights.

Summer of Love2

(not in order) Aaron Taylor, Sean Conroy, Tamir Meishar, Yoni Vakin, Travis Anderson and Preston Perez perform In My Room by The Beach Boys.

The NESA students put on one heck of a show covering music from The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Don Covay, Paul Simon, Rod Argent, Carole King, Neil Young, Pete Townshed, George Harrison and many more artists from the flower power, anti-Vetenam era of time. Lorenzo even did a fantastic job performing Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solo of the Star Spangled Banner.

Besides the music the majority of the audience was familiar with, the costumes and good vibes were incredible and “far out”, thanks to the costume mom’s DeAnn Navarro and Maria Ramirez. With orange, red, blue and purple lights, the outfits looked more lively and similar to back in the day, and even received whoops and laughs from the crowd.

Throughout the entire show, a screen displaying videos from the 80’s, like music videos and documented videos from Woodstock, The Beatles music videos, etc., was seen in the back, behind the band’s set up, and changed to match each performance.


Summer of Love4

Senior Peter Gertas (center) performs Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan. Senior Daniel Lorenzo rocks out on his guitar (left), and Karsten Bennett plays the bass (left).

The freshman also had numerous chances to sing their hearts out and show what they’re made of, for each night, and did so fantastically, especially in the third performance, My Generation by Pete Townshed, and the freshman girls showed off spectacular dresses as they sung Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys.

The one thing that really made Musical Theater’s last performance of the year incredibly special and the most memorable is the fact all grades participated in the show. And again, the freshman, who were barely seen this year, put on a performance never to be forgotten, as the pranced, jumped and danced with the sophomores and upper class men. The two songs that show cased this more than any other was (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, performed by Derek Miller, Madeline Cole, Kaiya Look, Anna Meyer, Sara Cosgrove, Sammy Smith and the sophomores, Woodstock by Joni Mitchell performed by Sophia Bibb, the freshmen and the sophomore boys, and The End by The Beatles, performed by the company (everyone).

The Musical Theater director chose a gnarly and remarkable way to end the year with Summer of Love. Tickets were $8 on the website, $10 at the door. And each night was packed for the super cool rock venues the students put on.


Summer of Love5

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, performed by Derek Miller,Madeline Cole, Kaiya Look, Anna Meyer, Sara Cosgrove, Sammy Smith and the sophomores.









summer of love6

(not in the order) Sophia Bibb, the freshmen and the sophomore boys perform Woodstock by Joni Mitchell.


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