Last Film Festival

Santikos Northwest 14 Theater (Loop 410 at IH-10 Callaghan) hosted the last Cinema event of the school year; the 17th 800 lb Film Festival of 2014, May 13, from 7 to 10 p.m. Sophomores Amanda Ulibarri and T.J. Smith, the “Masters of Ceremony” began the introduction once everyone had taken their seat in the theater.

The films (in order) were shown;

An Unexpected Hero, directed by Ricky Bocanegra. The five minute film was about “a young lad [who] steps up to the challenge”, of becoming a hero when he finds a magnificent sword and uses it to rescue a girl.

La Aventura de Hector el Heuvo, directed by Claire Norris. The audience enjoyed a film about the quick life about an egg, who is turned into a cascarone, and at first, starts a rebellion of being smashed and cracked, but soon realizes that was the meaning of his life, and accepted it.

Heroic Farce, directed by Matthew Robeck. “Two boys settle their differences like men.” A bully challenges another boy, to prove he is better. In the end, the bully is defeated and is left unconscious, while the other awkwardly runs away, happy and surprised at his victory.

Not That Girl, directed by Emily Mitchell. This film was about “a coming of age romance dedicated to John Hughes”. A girl is attracted to a care-free, trouble making boy, who ends up asking her to prom after spending some time together at her work.

A Life of Deception, directed by Tyler Nguyen. “Falling in love helps a young girl realize she wants to live for herself.” With little dialogue, other than voice over narration, the audience watched a film about a girl who meets a boy, who makes her realize she wants something more than what she already has.

Nuances de la Vie, directed by Geoff Glenn. “Life is a dance from beginning to end.” This silent film shows how a young girl starts her life, and dances through everything she encounters, from young to old age.

Watch Your Step, directed by Maggie Herrera. “How do you measure a hero?”

Boris Brown’s Duck Warehouse, directed by Sam Knight. This was a humorous two minute commercial advertising “You can get a duck for a buck!”. Real live ducks were shown, as well.

Did You Put The Corpses To Rest?, directed by Kaylee Holland.

The Intern, directed by Karla Baltazar.

After this film, a 15 minute intermission followed. Once done, the Masters of Ceremony, Ulibarri and Smith announced to the audience the films made in South Carolina, a field trip some of the Cinema students took earlier this year, would then play.

The first one was Life @ 11, directed by Dominica Ruelas.

Art-O-Mat, directed by Jose Couvillion.

Oneiric, directed by Isabella “Bella” Cabello.

The last, and probably the most liked film, was Shadow Puma, directed by Ryker Allen McInnis.

Cinema director Konise Millender added her note to the program/event, and then allowed the Senior Recital to show, which were videos made by the seniors, saying their goodbye’s. The last film to show was the presentation of the Senior Roast, made by the juniors.

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