Anime That You Should Check Out

About two months ago, a new anime has been released that goes by the name “Tokyo Ghoul“. The show is about a type of humanoid called “ghouls”. Each individual ghoul contains a certain ability that makes them unique. They must also feed on human flesh to survive. When hunting humans, or protecting themselves, they activate their power which is called Kagune, released from an organ located in their back called the kakuhou. The four different types of kagune are the Ukaku, the Koukaku, the Rinkaku and the Bikaku. The main story line focuses on a college student who became a ghoul and has to adapt to the transitions of becoming a ghoul.

Currently there are 10 episodes out. Roughly 12 to 13 episodes are said to be in the first arc. This is a great project in process, due to the fact that the manga is still on going and can adapt from the manga. Feel free to check it out on Hulu or any other anime site that contains this anime.

Next, we have an anime called Akame Ga Kill. This show revolves around a character named Tatsumi, who left his village to become a soldier of the empire. Along the way through the capital city, he learns how corrupted the empire is due to the murder of his childhood friends. While trying to seek revenge for his friends, he comes across the assassin group “Night Raid” who were going to kill the people that killed his friends. After the job was done, he decided to join Night Raid to bring down the corrupted empire.  Currently there are 11 episodes in the first arc. There is said to be 12 to 13 episodes.

Feel free to check this out on or get the Crunchroll app and watch anime on the go if you’re a member.

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