Tired of Windows? Try These Operating Systems

The official Linux logo

The official Linux logo

Unix was invented in the late 70’s. It was originally used as a programmers work bench. The Unix kernel is used in OSX – the second well-known operating system. Linux was invented on October fifth, 1991 by  Linus Torvalds, the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award .Linux is the least known OS (kernel). This kernel is used in the OSes described below.  Now the top  distros:

Best Looking: Elementary OS

Simply put this OS is based on Ubuntu. This version is similar looking to the Mac OS. It requires only half a gigabyte of random access memory. It can play anything you throw at it by installing third-party codecs.The operating system runs smoothly.

For older hardware: Linux Lite

Linux Lite is lightweight, as the name suggests, and its interface resembles the Windows XP. The OS requires a 700 MHz processor capable of running on any computer.

Most Supported: Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu is the most well-known Linux distribution. It’s the grand father of most of these operating systems. Their LTS releases are supported for four years and it has a lifetime of free updates.

For phones: Android

Android is the most used phone operating system in the world. It allows for major tweaking with advanced customization of the launcher. Unfortunately manufacturers of Android smartphones add a custom skin, for example Samsung’s touchwhiz, which takes place of the “naked” Android, which is fast but looks plain.

For high-end computers: PCLinuxOS

PCLinuxOS is a lightweight workhorse. It’s widely used for editing audio and video.

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