Speech & Debate: Second Place For the Third Time

The Speech at Debate team won second place for the third meet in a row at the MacArthur Tournament.

Student Congress:  (Both students earning State Qualifications!)

2nd Place David Greer Smith

3rd Place Jocelyn Hernandez-Vazquez

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking:   

1st Place Jocelyn Hernandez-Vazquez

4th Place David Greer Smith

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking:

1st Place Kenneth Logan Williams  (State Qualified as well!)

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking:

1st Place Hannah Rossi

Duo Interpretation:

2nd Place Elise Woods / Skye McDonald – NOW State Qualified

Duet Acting:

2nd Place Skye McDonald / Steven Schwope

4th Place Cypress Rumanuk / Eric Ramirez

5th Place Ryan Crim / Elena Wood

7th Place Elise Woods / Chris Heron

Dramatic Interpretation:

2nd Place Elise Woods – NOW State Qualified

4th Place Chris Heron

6th Place Skye McDonald


5th Place Elena Wood


3rd Place Elena Wood

5th Place Steven Schwope

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