Halloween In San Antonio: Carrie The Musical


San Antonio is known for its festive nature and during Halloween, it’s one of the most happening places to be. For this years month of October, the Woodlawn Theatre is doing a production on the musical production Carrie, on October 17, through November ninth. For those who don’t know, the production is based off of Stephen King’s Carrie, his first published novel released on April fifth, 1974. The book and musical is about a young shy teenage girl named Carrietta N. “Carrie” White who is bullied by her
peers and uses her newly found telekinesis to exact revenge on those who tormented her in high school. Carrie is one of Stephen King’s most popular books, spanning two feature films and a television show. The ticket prices for each showing range from 15 to 23 dollars with discounts available to senior citizens, military veterans, and high school students. The musical hasn’t been seen since it’s first production on Broadway in 1988, and is a San Antonio premiere showing.

Tickets are available at: Woodlawntheatre.org

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