SA Spook Spots Ready To Be Seen

Are people really dead when they no longer walk among us? Or are they still here watching over us living our ordinary lives? If you want know for sure go hang around these spots.

The Alamo: A former Mexican mission can now be seen has a place for unrested soldiers. Guests who go see The Alamo have said they hear moans and have seen spirits come out of walls. The spirits have been described different ways, but the one thing that’s common is a old Mexican soldier wearing a military uniform.

The Menger Hotel: Only very few people have died in this hotel, but the strangest story is about a man coming to shoot his wife while she was woking at the hotel because he suspected her cheating. Workers and guests have reported seeing the lady in her uniform going into other rooms or coming out of them. Another spirit that has been seen is Captain Richard King, who died in his room which now is called King Suit, he has been seen roaming the hallways, and reports state the elevator would stop at the 3rd floor where the King Suit is located without anyone pressing the ‘3’ button.

Our Lady of the Lake University: There’s not much action here, but people have reported losing their belongings and finding them again mysteriously, but people only get their stuff back only if they ask the friendly spirit called Jack. Other reports say Jack will lower loud sounds if you ask him to. One report says a student heard a boy playing jacks but no little boy was near nor anyone was playing jacks so thats how the spirit got his nickname “Jack”. There is no real solid history of Jack, but rumor has it that he died while roaming the campus.


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