Going From Toros To Spurs?


On Wednesday Oct. 15, 2014, The NBA Development League officially announced the Austin Toros” are renaming themselves as the Austin Spurs. The once known Austin Toros and San Antonio Spurs have a close relationship and with the name change – their bond has now become even closer. Matt Powell, the Mayor of Cedar Park has stated,” We have a direct affiliation with the  Spurs. They continue to lead the way in the NBA, not just as a winning tradition but they exhibit many of the qualities we try to show here in Cedar Park,”

This name change brought the San Antonio Spurs to be the Austin Spurs new sponsor. The Development League didn’t just change their name as well as their logo, going from a bull to a spur resembling the one in the San Antonio Spurs logo; a belt buckle. The team will be celebrating their 10th anniversary when the 2014-15 season opens next month. This developing league has had players, coaches, and assistant coaches signed up for the NBA.

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