MESSAGE FROM MADDIE: Your Friendly Neighborhood Of Spidermen

Despite his best efforts, we all know Peter Parker is more than a freelance photographer. He’s New York’s one-and-only Spiderman – well, he’d like to be. Marvel’s released the fourth issue of the giant crossover event known as the “Edge Spider-Verse” this month.  The “Edge of the Spider-Verse” is set to introduce each variation of Spider-Man before Peter actually teams up with them, an event being released later this fall.

1. Ben Reilly

The only successful clone of Peter Parker made by the Jackal. He’s got all of Peter Parker’s memories and comes into this world thinking he is Peter. He first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue 149. Ben and Peter have a brief fight, both thinking the other is some kind of clone. However, when the Jackal goes for Gwen Stacy, their fight is abandoned. In the issue, there’s an explosion that seemingly kills Ben. Peter hides the body and after he leaves, it’s revealed Ben’s still alive. He later becomes Spider-Man when Peter decides to move to Portland with his wife, Mary Jane to raise their unborn child. Eventually, they come back from Portland and decide that in New York would be safer with two Spider-Men in light of the recent death of the Fantastic Four. They fight together until Ben dies getting impaled with the Green Goblin’s glider.

2. Miles Morales

A lot of Marvel’s events take place on Earth 616, our Earth, but the adventures of Miles Morales, ultimate Spider-Man, happen on Earth 1610. Miles the a 14-year-old nephew of Aaron Davis, otherwise known as Prowler. He’s hired to steal one of the genetically altered Spiders from Roxxon Industries. When Miles visits his uncle he’s bitten and develops his powers. The spider that bit Miles was different than the one that bit Peter and as a result Miles ends up with two powers the original Spiderman did not. Miles has the ability to blend in, cloths and all with his surroundings and the ability to paralyze an opponent with a touch.  Recently, Miles has joined a team with Kitty Pryde, Cloak, Dagger, Black Widow and Bombshell. They’re calling themselves the “All New Ultimates.”

3. Gwen Stacy

Normally, Gwen Stacy is the girlfriend of Peter Parker.  She’s the daughter of George Stacy, captain of the police. The edge of the Spider-verse adds a new facet to her character. Gwen Stacy is the costumed hero, Spider-Woman. She was bit by a radioactive spider and has all of Earth-616 Spiderman’s powers. In this Earth, Peter Parker isn’t much of a hero. To get back at those who bullied him, Peter created a chemical that transformed him into the Lizard. He and Spider-woman fight but his chemical starts to kill him ;Spider-Woman is blamed for his death, The Daily Bugle and Captain Stacy (her father) demanding her arrest. This bad publicity sticks with her, giving her a bad reputation with the New York POlice Department. In the actual issue, Gwen’s playing with her band, “The Mary Janes” when an assassin is sent after her father. She takes him down but the fight ends up with Captain Stacy having her at gun point. She unmasks herself and her father lets her escape.

Gwen Stacy is getting her own comic series February 2015.

4.  Miguel O’Hara

Miguel O’Hara comes from Earth-928’s distant future, the year 2099. Before he took up the mask Miguel was the head of Alchemax, a genetic research company. Miguel hopes to create the perfect soldier, inspired by early records of Spiderman. The test subject dies and Miguel realizes how deadly his work is and tells his boss, Tyler Stone, he’s quitting. Despreate to keep his employe, Stone injects Miguel with a “Rapture” a gene altering highly addictive drug that’s on distributed by Alchemax and tell Miguel he’ll stay or Stone will assume he’s getting the drug illegally and report him. Miguel immediately goes to his lab to get a pure sample of his DNA, intending to use it to get the rapture out of his genes. A jealous co-worker sabotages the machine, changing the settings to 50% Spider DNA.

Miguel embraces his new identity when he realizes the oppression people suffer from big companies that control the city. Currently, Miguel O’hara is stuck on Earth-616 in the present day, thanks to Doctor Otto Octavius who was stuck in Spider-Man’s body. His own series is available right now.

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