Tim D. Going 2-D

We all know Spurs player Tim Duncan, who is well known as being aggressive in offense, and a great defensive guard. Besides the basketball background, not much is known about Duncan.

“That’s just the way I like it,” Duncan said.

What is known about Duncan is his passion for cars and Punisher, the comic character of Marvel. When both passions are combined, you get Duncan in the new comic book giving Punisher his new car. The idea of Punisher getting a signature car was just a work in progress, but that all changed when Marvel said yes to the idea.

The creator of the front cover of the comic was drawn by Michael Choi, a bigger basketball nerd than comic book nerd. Choi being a huge Spurs fan and knowing Duncan’s passions, the idea of Duncan giving Punisher his signature car all came together. Duncan being his insperation for the cover of the new comic, Choi didn’t hesitate in turning Duncan into a comic character.

“None of this would have happened if Tim wasn’t a huge Marvel fan and of The Punisher specifically. I really love that he’s proud that he’s a big comic book fan, and I always got a kick out of reading about him dressing up as The Punisher for Halloween, and incorporating the Punisher’s logo on his knee brace. Everyone who knows about Tim Duncan beyond what he does on the court knows that about him, and as a comic book guy myself, I think that’s awesome,” Choi said.

Duncan and his guys from Blackjack Speed shop got together with Heroes and Fantasies comic book store to come up with Punisher’s new car. All of them knew the Punisher is a character that likes to poison his enemies with fear just like Batman does with his Batmobile, but they wanted to make the car more realistic but still fearful.

After Duncan presented Choi with what he and his friends came up with, Choi quickly started designing the cover of the comic book.


Comic version of Tim Duncan.

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