First District Game Won In Eight Years

Since Reagan High School first opened, Lee hasn’t won a District game.

That was about 14 years ago. Friday night, at the Blossom Athletic Center, things changed. Big time.

Lee vs. TR

Samuel Davis scores the first touchdown of the game, exciting the Lee crowd and team.

Within the first six minutes of the game, Samuel Davis (number three) made a victorious touchdown, surprising everyone, as well as giving hope to our boys that a District game would finally be won that night.

Lee vs. TR2

Kyle Fuller (number 5) makes his way on the field as his team-mates provide a pathway for him to score.

“We gotta keep going, don’t care what the score board says. We gotta keep going,” Adrian Vargas said when the score was 13-26 (Roosevelt).

Towards the end of the third quarter, the boys got back up and starting scoring, even with ‘unfair’ penalties called by the refs. Perhaps the Rebel Rousers, the band, color guard and the announcement of Mr. and Miss Lee brought some positivity back up.




Lee vs. TR3

Captain Rebel Rousers begin the half-time performance.

Lee vs. TR4

Chris Adams and Alexandra Blount were named Mr. and Miss Lee during half-time.

Lee vs. TR5

Band and Color guard take the spotlight with their UIL award-winning performance and music.






Once half-time was over, the game was back on, and our Vols played hard and strong to end the game as the victors. Student section helped give out immense spirit and positivity, as always.

Lee vs. TR6

Student section roars with pride when another score was made.

Lee vs. TR7

Fists in the air for our boys on the field.


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