Time To Step Up

Time flies fast, so every second counts. Most student’s think “I’ll focus on college when I’m a senior.”, “Well, all I need are good grades to get accepted.”, or ” Senior year is the most important year to focus on.”

The truth is every year is important because colleges round-up all your grades to average them out. Colleges also look at what else can you offer to their institution besides intelligence.

Institutions will ask something like, “Do you volunteer in your society?”, “Do you have a part-time job?”, ” What extracurricular activity are you involved in?” etc. So students need to start planning for college as soon possible. Not until the very last minute. Besides looking at which college looks best, or which has the awesome cafeteria, try looking if the college offers the major you want to specialize in.

All colleges are different and unique in their own way, and offer things that another doesn’t. And if they do have your major, or anything you’re interested in, check if they offer Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral.

Let’s focus on one of the major reasons why people don’t like colleges – the costs. There might be public colleges, but that’s not the same as public high school where the government pays for everything. Public colleges still charge, but it varies if you’re an in-state or out-state resident.

Some colleges have apartments and dorms you can stay while you’re attending the school, but of course it comes with a fee. Some colleges require freshman-college students to live on campus for the first time and some don’t.

Almost everything has a price, but that’s why there’s scholarships, grants, and financial aid to lower the costs.

Try answering these questions before you apply to college:

Do I meet the requirements?

Did I take my SAT/ACT tests?

Are my SAT/ACT scores good enough?

Does the environment of this institution fit with me?

What does this institution have that the others don’t?

If you have any more questions or want to know more about your dream college you can visit their website or you can go to collegeboard.org to get get some basic information of your college.

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