Senior Wins Chromebook Donated By Beckwith Electronic Engineering

With the luck of the draw, senior Yahsmane “Manny” Elias won a Asus C300 Chromebook through the Career Center. Students had to apply to a minimum of three colleges to get their name in the drawing.

Senior Manny Eli is presented with his prize from Principal Rick Canales

Senior Manny Elias is presented with his prize from Principal Rick Canales

The computer was provided by an Beckwith Electronic Engineering Company. Taylor Kirby, college advisor, solicited the donation an incentive to encourage students to work on their college applications early.  Beckwith is a life safety, security and communications system provider. They are a San Antonio based, family owned business.

“Honestly, I wasn’t there when they announced my name at the senior assembly,” Manny said. “I knew the odds of me winning were very, very slim.”

Elias plans to attend college and become an accountant. He’s been accepted to five out of the six colleges to which he applied.

“Applying to college was easy,” Elias said. “You just fill out the forms and write an essay, then send in family financial information. Simple. I want to go to UNT (University of North Texas). It has a good atmosphere, and they are well known for their college of business. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s the perfect size.”


Manny shows off his Asus C300 Chromebook he won from the Career Center. The computer was donated by Beckwith Electronic Engineering Company.


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