Lee Donates To The Victims of the Lincoln Village Fire

On January 8th, at 8 p.m, in the 1700 block of Jackson Keller road near Castle hills, a fire broke out in the Lincoln Village Apartments. According to Kens5, The cause of the fire was said to be from a light fixture that began smoking on the second floor of the complex, where it spread throughout the building. Twenty families have been evacuated from the apartments, Red Cross has placed 8 families in hotel room while the remaining twelve other families are staying with relatives. The fire cost the apartment and families involved a total of one million dollars worth of damage, many of the families have lost their belongings and household items.

To replace the victim’s belongings, the Lee Family Specialists, Alicia Walker and Ana Alvarado are running a donation drive to give back to the victims of the Lincoln Village Apartments. The Family specialists are asking for donations such as dish-ware, blankets, kitchenware, food, attire and any money donations would be accepted. Several of the campus teachers have donated, such as Ms. Dingle’s and her Creative Writing class. There is no apparent deadline for donation but Ms. Alvarado has stated “The sooner, the better.”

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