What You Missed This Week On The Internet

On a special Superbowl edition of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell costarred, along with Drew Barrymore in a lip sync battle of the ultimate challenge. Ferrell and Hart started the battle off, doing such numbers as “All Of Me” by John Legend, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, and Fallon featured his own number “The Time of My Life” from the movie Dirty Dancing with special appearance by Drew Barrymore.

The new Marvel show Daredevil, has recently aired its own teaser trailer on the internet. Though the show will be a Netflix only premiere, the trailer itself shows quality in standards like that of other nationally acclaimed superheroes shows like Arrow or Agent Carter.

During the half-time of the Superbowl, Nationwide Insurance displayed their own commercial of a cause they have been supporting for 60 years, the prevention of injuries and causalities for children. However, due to the serious nature of the commercial and dramatic twist of the end, many viewers have mixed feelings with this promotional ad. It’s one of the commercials that are so bad they are good, so serious, they are funny.

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