Instrumental Music Concert Was A Night To Remember

You didn’t have to know all the shows or movies, or even like the shows or movies to enjoy NESA’s Instrumental Music concert last night, which started at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The theme was A Night At The Movies, and it was a night to remember.


NESA’s Instrumental Music concert playing James Newton Howard’s King Kong soundtrack highlights, with clips from the movie playing in the background for the audience to enjoy. Conducted by Mark Twehues.

Conductor and director of Instrumental Music, Mark Twehues and his orchestra gave the audience a phenomenal show with music from genres of Science Fiction, Western, Costume drama, Historical drama, Foreign film, Fantasy and Superhero shows and movies. Their first act was the James Newton Howard’s King Kong soundtrack highlights. And to go with the music, intense and awesome clips from the actual movie or show was playing behind the fantastic orchestra for the audience to really get into the concert. And every piece Twehues conducted, clips from the movie or show was playing, adding more emotion to the whole night.


The orchestra performs music from John Lunn’s Downton Abbey show.

Epic and awesome – two words to describe the evening of oldies but goodies, and new well-liked movies and shows. Whether a person did or didn’t look through the pamphlet given out with the order of pieces and background information, no one would have been able to even guess what kind of concert they were in for. Twehues and his students went to a whole new level of spectacular, and completely wowed and amazed the crowd. (And not let’s not forget to appreciate the free admission.) Pieces from growing shows like Downton Abbey, famous series like The Lord of the Rings, beautiful films like The Chronicles of Narnia and Forrest Gump, the Instrumental Music department of NESA out did themselves Thursday night, and with respectable style.


Mark Twehues conducts his orchestra to music from the movies of The Lord Rings series.


The NESA orchestra performs music from The Chronicle of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.



Music from Forrest Gump was played.








Taking a few steps away from such dramatic scores, Jacob Pons had his own music played by him and fellow orchestra peers. With the beat of the drums, a nice movie clip in the background, and great bass and guitar sound, Pons had the audience thinking his music came out in a movie or show too.


Jacob Pons (far right) and a group of his fellow orchestra peers play Pons’ own music for the audience.








To end the concert, the last two pieces were selections from the powerful Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score, and Danny Elfman’s music from the original Spider-Man, which left the crowd not only heavily applauding Twehues and his orchestra, but left them all in awe, and with smiles on their faces.


A scene from the film, Man of Steel, as the Instrumental Music orchestra play the theme to the movie.


The last piece of the night – the original Spider Man theme songs.



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