The 2015 Academy Awards

The 87th annual Academy Awards was full of amazing performances, moving speeches, and crazy antics. The following are the top three best moments from this years Academy Awards.

Neil Patrick Harris’ opening act takes third place. His performance of “Moving Pictures” reminded everyone of why they love movies, and set the mood for a spectacular evening.


Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick perform “Moving Pictures” for 87th Academy Awards opening. 

In a close second is Lady Gaga’s medley of songs from the Sound of Music. Her performance received a standing ovation from an emotional audience, and was surprised by the original singer, Julie Andrews herself.



Lady Gaga during “Sound of Music Performance”.

In the number one spot was Graham Moore, winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, with his touching speech in which he relays the story of his attempted suicide at sixteen because he felt different. Moore closed it off by encouraging anyone who felt the same as he did, and to pass on the message when they stood on that stage.


Graham Moore delivers heartwarming speech.

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