Cadet Volunteers Serve The Community

Lee Cadet Volunteers

“Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope” was the battle cry shouted by the Lee High School JROTC cadets after their Service Learning project was completed on March 20.  The cadets donating their time and efforts to support the San Antonio Food Bank.

Tessa Gold
Cadet 2LT Tessa Gold helps back potatoes.

The mission of the San Antonio Food Bank is to fight hunger in Southwest Texas through food distribution, programs, education, and advocacy.  The San Antonio Food Bank support 16 counties in the San Antonio region. The cadets, along with other three other organizations, accepted the task of packaging 10 pounds of potato sacks that will be distributed throughout the San Antonio Community through a variety of community organizations.

“Today I was able to meet new people from different schools and different age groups,” said Cadet Captain Adam Moyer of the experience. “I thought this time was really fun and was worth it!  After getting more information about how I helped out, I feel I made a huge impact in people’s lives and I know I helped fight hunger.”

The immediate task—although a simple one, but not one to be taken lightly—was packaging potatoes and prepping them for shipment.  Upon initial inspection to the task, it seemed to the approximately 45 volunteers, that there would be total chaos—to the contrary!  William Crosby, our assigned food bank coordinator did a spectacular job assigning specified jobs.  Once the tasks were assigned, the three hours seemed to fly by.  The camaraderie was complimented by a spectacular music play list to everybody’s delight.

Cadet Captain Marco Jasso
Cadet Captain Marco Jasso enjoys his volunteer experience at the SA Food Bank.
Cadet Corporal Leticia Rutkowsky Cadet Capt Daniel Chambers
Cadet Coporal Leticia Rutkowsky ties up the bags.
Cadet Captain Daniel Chambers and his mom Tammy Chambers work at the volunteer site.

Tammy Chambers, the lone cadet volunteer parent, accompanied her son Cadet Captain Daniel Chambers.  This was a special time for Chambers as she only has about three more months to spend with Cadet Chambers.  Daniel has already enlisted and is destined to ship for Army Basic Training in June.

“It was great! I had so much fun with my friends. At the moment I wasn’t thinking about the community. I was enjoying the moment and knowing how the food bank operates,” said Cadet Major Jose Pompa. “At the end, when I saw we packaged 37,124 pounds of potatoes, I felt happy and proud of myself. I would love to do it again!”

The cadets are required to complete a Service Learning Project per the Army JROTC curriculum.  Last years’ Service Learning Project took the cadets to the VA Audie Murphy Hospital to visit wounded warriors.  The next Service Learning Project will be the task of next year’s Battalion Staff.  The staff, led by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Lively, selected the food bank project in an effort to help alleviate hunger in the community.

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