Artists Win at National Scholastic Art and Writing Contest

Three student artists were National Medalists at the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition.

Judges award 2,250 medals from the 17,000 submissions around the world. Awards were given to student artists from all over the United States and countries such as China, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Texas earned 108 of the medals, with NEISD students earning 7 of these: 5 Gold Key medals and 2 Silver Key medals.

“This is an amazing accomplishment for our wonderful student artists and a tribute to the stellar instruction and the dedication of North East ISD to the Fine Arts,” said Linda Fleetwood, NEISD Director of Visual Arts.

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program has been judging student work based on three original criteria: originality, technical skill, and emergence of personal vision or voice. National attention is significant for these blossoming artists and writers, but these awards set the bar when considering some icons of the art world who have won these honors over the years. Artists like Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, and Steven King, were recognized in school by these same awards. It’s been a long running tradition of celebrating excellence in art and writing and NEISD student artists continue to uphold this tradition.

The National Awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 11 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The artwork will be on display in New York during the celebration week.

Gold Keys

Bixie Mathieu Daggett from NESA – Jennifer Janak, teacher

Oleire Niyomwungere from NESA – Jennifer Janak, teacher

Silver Keys

Dylan Prince from NESA – Jennifer Janak, teacher

Bixie Mathieu Daggett, Home, NESA, Janak, Gold

Bixie Mathieu Daggett, Home, NESA, Gold

Dylan Prince, JJCanon, NESA, Janak, Silver

Dylan Prince, JJCanon, NESA, Silver

Oleire Niyomwungere, Oleire, NESA, Janak, Gold

Oleire Niyomwungere, Oleire, NESA, Gold

Posted on March 18, 2015


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