New Calendar Has 26 Days Off

CalendarStudents love days off right? Of course they do. Introducing the new calendar for the 2015-2016 year which was voted on by the school board and released recently.

The calendar lets everyone know when the holidays and grading periods are happening. It lets everyone know their days off and teacher meeting stuff (if you’re into that).

What it does is informing you and helping your parents know things if they care ya’ know. Where its happening for are for all High Schools in our district for change in things. The reason why a new one made was because of school reason and something with the dates. if you want to know how they are or look, go to the NEISD site to see all the different year calendars.

Some new things that have been added are the holidays have been changed around from last year. But the grading periods have been the same with 177 days. Change is sometimes good, for this its good, same days off but great days that have been chosen so be ready.

 “I think the calendar is something good for the kids at school because they get to take a break and rest off the stress from school,” Henry Claiborne’s said “So its good that they relax now and then, don’t forget about the teachers too, they work hard for us. But really I think the calendar is pretty cool for knowing which day is which.”

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