TV takes a step up starting September

Thanks to a mixture of fan support and positive critic reviews, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Ash vs the Evil Dead, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and Supergirl return in all new seasons starting September 20 with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC,  Ash vs the Evil Dead October 2 on Starz, The Flash October 4 and Supergirl October 10 on the CW, and AMC’s the Walking Dead on October 23.

Supergirl isn’t alone in her big move from ABC to CW this October

The undead aren’t the only threat in the Walking Dead season 5.

Make way for the new kid on the block in The Flash season 3.

Its back to fighting demons and making wise cracks for Ash Williams in Ash vs Evil Dead.

its out of the frying pan and into the hell fire as Ghost Rider drives in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD new season.

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