Going out with a zombie for a late night bite.

This last Friday, my journalism class took a trip to Six Flags Fiestdsc06599a Texas for the annual halloween event Fright Fest, where the monsters come out, the ghouls get to scaring, and the entire park has areas of different themed horrors.

I visit two haunted house attracts, but the thing that stood out to me the most at Fright Fest was the renovations done to Rockville, the 50’s themed area of the park.

For Fright Fest, Rockville came down with a case of the undead. The zombies werdsc06608e all in dress straight out of Grease, and the Primo’s Pizza, which too is in fashion of the rockin’ 50’s, had blood on the window and the occasional zombie that would press itself against the glass to scare the customers not paying attention when they turned back around.

Primo’s had skulls and brains on thedsc_0063 walk through cafeteria line, and the pizza toppings were exchanged with the human anatomy. Rockville has always been my favorite part of Fiesta Texas, it’s a literal moment taken from time; it’s a relaxing setting from the roller coasters and long lines, and during fright fest the calm becomes an erie scilence disturbed only by the occasional moans from the undead citizens.

The diner doesn’t change much on the inside but the outside appears to have been the final resting place of a handful of survivors, who became a main course outsiddsc06586e the restaurant. Rockville high was converted into a haunted attraction, and sitting in the street is a broken down bus that randomly blared its horn scaring the visitors to the park, and summoning more of the undead.

I asked someone in my class, Sirena Sanchez, to describe her time at Fright Fest this year when going through the undead infested Rockville.

“The zombies were in fashion of typical 50’s hair and dress, like the guys were in varsity jackets, jeans and slick backed hair, and the ‘dolls’ in podsc_0055lka dot dress with either pig tails or a pony tail all roaming around a bus with an overheard engine that would honk out occasionally. We went in a diner and Mathew, Antonio adsc_0048nd shared cheese sticks. 15 minutes later I bought milk carton, and Antonio bought a pizza that we ate half of. We left and I took a slice and Mathew took the other half. Trying to get in was spooky because there were a lot of zombies with their eye balls hanging out of their sockets and covered in blood. Occasionally they’d come up and sniff me and circle me, and although they weren’t allowed to touch me, I could feel them exhale on my face, so I had to skedaddle inside.”

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