Beautiful-Lee Me

If there’s one thing most girls and guys can agree on, it’s makeup! To many, it’s not just gunk of creams and gloss, it’s an art that requires a keen eye and steady hand. Name brand companies day after day release new products ranging from affordable basic skin-care to high-end palettes to keep up with consumer demands. With that being said, the arguments begin as to which company and products work best for them. Makeup takes time and patience to gain the experienced hands that achieve ‘a look’. Let’s ask seniors what they think about their ‘looks’.

Christina Moody, Senior: I’ve always had passion for makeup since I was a baby grabbing chapstick from my mom’s purse. I wasn’t really allowed to wear it, so it was whatever I could get my hands on. I think my makeup habits began in middle school with the raccoon eyeliner and gross drugstore red lipstick. My freshman year, it was the same with the exception of mismatched foundation splotched on and mountains of rouge. My look now has drastically improved thanks to an income and proper guidance from professionals at MAC and Sephora.


Christina Moody is just glowing!


Chelsea Self, Senior: I like makeup because it’s the purest form of self love and  self expression all in one. I actually have made a business from it and have been working with clients during big school events such as prom and homecoming.  I love working with clients and make them look especially poppin’. My favourite brands are Est`ee Lauder, Anastasia, Morphe, Urban Decay, Nyx & TooFaced. I love the holidays and events because it gives me extra initiative to up my game. Halloween is the time where I play with colours and techniques.

Chelsea Self sports a to die for “look”, having us all shook!


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