Senior Spotlight: Madora Gonzales

Here at Robert E. Lee, we love our seniors and they love us back by contributing the best way they know how….

Madora Gonzales gives back not only to Lee but to Olmos Elementary as an assistant at the after-school program, KINS, helping to look after the children.


“Earlier in the school year while looking for a job, I decided to make use of the situation and combine my love of children with my work ethic. Children are truly the future and the future needs a sturdy foundation of kindness, love and understanding. When I work with the children, I feel as though I’m truly making a difference with every smile I receive from them in return from my small acts through guidance. At such a young age, they are being molded and brought into the world with what they know. All that creativity is bursting forth and they’re grabbing at what they can to make it theirs. I want be the one they come to and say, “Look! This what I made.” Working with the kids is so much more to me than just making sure they don’t poke their eyes out till their parents come to get them. It’s me using the time I have to influence and inspire them. Show them teamwork at recess and during homework I want them to see that they are capable of understanding the material. I know it sounds like I’m trying too hard and putting forth too much emphasis and effort but I look back at those times with a certain fondness. I remember having mentors who helped me at that age through even the smallest obstacles and having that assistance and encouragement made all the difference in my development. I want be their sunshine on the dark days and not only a worker but their mentor.”



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