Athlete Spotlight: Anthony Muniz

Lesly Rodriguez, Contributor

Fellow athletes and football fans alike can see that Anthony Muniz, LEE varsity football’s newest starting cornerback, has always been naturally gifted, but he remains a hard working, dedicated, passionate athlete.

Muniz began playing the sport that he loves in middle school. “I played around with a football ever since I was little, but it wasn’t ’till 7th grade when I was on an actual team and fell in love with the game,” he said. Muniz’s father always encouraged him to play sports, especially football, and Muniz is grateful for that encouragement. 

To him it came as a surprise that he made the varsity football team his sophomore year, also being named to the starting line was an even bigger shock. “I thought, honestly, that I wouldn’t make varsity until my junior year at least,” Muniz said. “I thought I was too small, but here we are.”

It was only Muniz who was surprised at his inclusion on the team however; “Anthony’s speed and ability to catch, mixed with his passion, determination and energy he brings to the team made him the perfect guy for the job; he’s one of or best players, we’d be crazy not to put him on our team,” Coach Jared Marks said.

As the season progressed Muniz came to be more comfortable with his own skills, and further realized that he didn’t have to be nervous or afraid. In fact, he has begun to look beyond high school to his future playing the game that he loves. “I hope to go to D1, but I’ll most likely get a D2 school, but I definitely see myself playing in college,” Muniz said. 

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