Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos

Marissa Estrada, Staff Reporter

Dia De Los Muertos (The Day Of The Dead) is a holiday that originated in Mexico. The holiday is about honoring lost loved ones and ancestors, and is celebrated by welcoming the dead with music, food, and dancing. 


Nov. 1 and 2 are El Dia De Los Inocente, or Day of the Innocents, referring to innocent people who have passed away in any circumstance. To celebrate the deceased, family’s make Ofrendas that are decorated with calaveras, marigolds, favorite foods, and more. This is believed to welcome the souls back to earth, with many candles on the ofrenda as a warm welcome for the soul(s).


Families then visit the cemetery to put flowers near the epitaph of loved ones, this is meant to pay respect. “The way I celebrate Day Of The Dead is the traditional way of course,” Rosalyn Blaz (10) said. “This year I made an ofrenda for my dog.” Blaz’s tribute is a reminder that Dia De Los Muertos is to celebrate all loved ones, old, young, or animal.


“This is an opportunity for me to welcome my grandma back on earth,” Liz Ramirez (10) said. “I miss her so much and I hope she dances with me and my family.”

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