District Responds to Sub Shortage

Chris Loustaunau, Staff Reporter


With the increase of teacher covid cases it’s inevitable that substitute teachers will have to fill in. However, it has become increasingly difficult to find substitute teachers when some of them don’t want to take the jobs due to the risk of catching the virus themselves. Some substitute teachers take a job everyday, so the risk of that substitute getting sick gets higher with every job that they take. 


NEISD recently announced that their temporary increase in pay for substitutes will be extended through this summer. Substitute teachers will receive an additional 10-15% more on their paycheck per day, plus the district will pay a bonus to subs who take jobs on Monday or Friday, the most common days for teacher shortages.


“The district requires at least one Monday and Friday per week,” said Ms. Minor, a substitute on the LEE campus. “The increase in pay has certainly made paying bills easier and relieved some stress of paying them.”  


The district, and the students who have had to spend class periods in the auditorium when their teachers could not obtain a sub, are hopeful that these incentives will result in an increase in sub coverage.

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