Glimpsing the Future: Course Selection for 2022-2023

Miriam Barba,   Staff Reporter


The one time a year that students love to look forward to is course selection. It gives students the opportunity to pick their own classes for the next year. With new openings for new courses it is an opportunity for our campus to grow and be better for future classes. 

Counselors come to every class and go through the course selection, walk each student through every step of the process and make sure that they understand the classes they are choosing. “Since I used to teach science, my favorite class that LEE provides would have to be Anatomy and Physiology,” counselor Mrs.DelValle says. It is important that students enjoy the classes that are chosen, especially since choosing their courses is a privilege to appreciate.

Course catalogs are the actual paperwork students fill out to request their classes. The catalog for incoming freshmen is a bit different than the ones for every other class, and are lengthier. Students choose an endorsement and a study within the endorsement that then the student follows throughout their high school career.  “I’m the most excited to take Art I because I heard from my friends [that] it’s super fun and the teacher is amazing,” Shravin Mehta (9).

Once freshman year is over, the catalog gets easier to fill out. Students entering Tenth through Twelfth grade have to fill out these cards. “The course selection this year was pretty easy because it was through a google form for ISA students. Counselors made sure that it was easy for us to understand,” Ella Alcocer (11).

With the next school year comes a new chance for new courses. Some courses that are new or relatively new to LEE are Advanced Quantitative Reasoning(AQR), African American Studies, AP English III On Ramps, AP Biology On Ramps, Mariachi, and Philosophy. The On Ramps courses are a way to gain college credit just like AP and Dual Credit.

There are some classes that are getting an update or renamed. Those with a new name are, Math Transitions to College prep for Mathematics, and English Transitions to College Prep for ELA. 

Some of the courses with an update are the P.E. electives. These classes will now be a year long class instead of a semester class, though there will still be summer courses that are a semester credit.

The window to turn in course selection cards is open till Friday, Feb. 18th. Students must select their courses on Skyward and the hard copy of the card must be turned into the counselors office. If students are needing help to fill out course card or have questions for counselors they will be in the MPR before school Jan. 31, Feb. 1, and Feb. 4, lunch Feb. 1, Feb. 2, and Feb.4, and after school, Feb.1, Feb. 3, and Feb. 4. Please make sure to have a signed course card when coming for help. 

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