Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album “Unlimited Love” Review

Chris Loustaunau, Editor-in-Chief


From their multi-platinum peaks to their sad, desperate lows, the Red Hot Chili peppers have always aspired toward a humble goal: to make you feel like you’re in the studio with them, zoning in and out and goofing around, watching three exceptionally talented musicians and an extremely jacked singer spitballing ideas and keeping each other entertained. It’s an intimate bond that has fostered an intense connection among their fans, but it’s also opened them up for harsh scrutiny. 


From jammin’ and rappin’ and slappin’ the bass, to cramming your lyrics with cartoonish sex talk and rock history allusions, the Chilli peppers know exactly what they’re doing. When a relationship is built on these simple pleasures, calling your reunion album Unlimited Love is a perfect gesture to their fans to symbolize their long history.


The Chili peppers perfectly curated a style that makes them indistinguishable from any other out there. RHCP’s reunion album Unlimited Love released on April 1st, 2022 was the first album in 8 years and first album in 16 years with their lead funky guitarist and fan-favorite John Frusciante. Frusciante has always been the heartbeat of that iconic, groovy, funky sound that the Chili peppers encapsulate. 



This track was originally released as a single 2 months prior to the release of the completed album. As a long-time listener of the Chili Peppers, this song threw me off since it starts off with a slow and somber tone that makes you want to find out the deeper meaning of it. However, the song quickly throws you into an upbeat part of the song. The catchy and rhythmic guitar along with the zestful bassline from the iconic bassist, Flea, brings the song together. 

This song is perfect not only for people who struggle with daily life but, for those who want a song to vibe or dance to as well. If you are a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this song is definitely a must listen to.



 This song immediately throws you into a fast intense guitar riff and Anthony Kiedis, the singer, goes from a calm tone to a seriously fast-paced rap mc multiple times within this song. This song is relatively consistent and might throw you off when you pay attention to the lyrics. Although at the halfway mark, Frusciante does rip some serious solos.

 Probably one of the more mainstream songs on the album. This song doesn’t get enough praise. Flea’s unique funky bass wraps this whole song up. 



  This song is a masterpiece. The funk, the attitude, and the most finely crafted RHCP song of all time. Perfect, this song perfectly encapsulates the funky groove that the Chili Peppers own with pride. The opening bass riff is immaculate. Every single time Flea makes a perfect, most groovy opening it always sends chills down my spine. The bass throughout the whole song is exemplary. The drummer, Chad Smith that looks almost identical to Will Ferrell, provides that extra “oomph” that this song deserves.

 This song exceeds expectations 10 fold. 100% a must listen to if funky, groovy bass beats are your cup of tea.



The opening of the song sorta sounds like a church song. Then slowly goes to that ol’ Chili Peppers’ groovy beat that somehow works. Around ⅓ of the song, it goes a little like “Californication”. This song sounds like a complex love song. It’s not abundantly clear if the addressee is an established lover of Anthony’s or someone he is now getting with. He is interested in her romantically, and Anthony knows that ultimately he’s not the one for her. 

Honestly, it’s pretty slow compared to the other songs and an underlier as well as underrated. 



Yes, yes, yes, a spectacular performance by Anthony. A poster child is most easily explained, as someone who serves as the epitome of a certain idea, cause, characteristic, or what have you.

 Although let it be known that the lyrics are filled with pop media references and rock icons from the 70s and 80s. such as Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Richard Hell of Television, Adam Ant of Adam and the Ants, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, John Coltrane, and Michael Jackson. Aside from all of these artists, Kiedis also name drops other figures like Ulysses Grant, Mona Lisa, Mother Teresa, and Bernie Mac. 

This song serves to encapsulate and maintain modern society. This song is pristine, it serves as a point that all the modern pop cultures have influenced the Chili Peppers. A must listen in this album



This song is best described as “mid” and isn’t exactly the best song. But still is the iconic Chili Peppers style. By the middle, Frusciante is already shredding the guitar as Anthony builds the chorus. The melodic bass throughout the song adds layers in different ways. Frusciante outshines everybody in this song.

 It’s more of a guilty pleasure song and I think that It gets overshadowed by songs like “Aquatic Mouth Dance”.



A slow song that builds its chorus throughout the song and is held up by Flea and Frusciante. It’s still a good song but it’s not the best. This is a brilliant song but does not take advantage of the funky opportunity that Flea missed. The song tells the love story of two mismatched lovers who fall in love despite their differences. 

Furthermore, the song’s title implies that love is unavoidable and will never cease to drive us toward one another.



Now all of the lost funkiness that “It’s Only Natural” doesn’t capitalize on is used in “She’s a Lover”. Right away you’re thrown in an echoing riff of Anthony’s lyrics. Even if you listen to the Chili Peppers for a month, this song makes you feel like you’ve been listening to them your whole life.

 It’s just such a catchy song and makes you want to bob your head. Almost reminiscent of a Prince song because of the funky almost soul-like guitar tabs. Definitely an overly underrated banger.



This song definitely is the odd one out of the bunch as it doesn’t conform to the groovy funkiness of the rest of the song. 

Kiedis has explained the lyrics of “These Are the Ways” implies that they speak to the concept of American excess. It would not only be in the material sense of the word but also in terms of all the different aspects of life residents must deal with as Americans. However, Kiedis was also quite explicit in pointing out that this is not intended to be a critical piece. Rather, he has tasked himself with more or less reporting, i.e. chronicling things from his perspective. 

A surface-level song with minimal thinking to understand. 



Once again another song in which Frusciante is prominent. The descending guitar arpeggios. For sure one of the more underrated ones such as the ‘Snow from Stadium Arcadium’ album. Yet, this song still needs to compete with other songs but has its own characteristics and charm.



The first thing you hear is electronic waves. Not like the Chili Peppers to dive into considering their style. But, when Frusciante left for 16 years, he pursued a solo career in which he learned different styles of music. 

One of which was electronic, which is prominent throughout the whole song. An unexpected surprise but a welcome one. In the album commentary for this song, Flea mentions that Anthony is obsessed with MMA and he goes to all of the events.

 He has an “almost encyclopedic knowledge about MMA.” A slow song that doesn’t fit in with the Chili Peppers’ style. I Honestly would’ve enjoyed a different song about California or one of sex jokes. 


Here’s a classic Chili Peppers song talking about California. This one blew me away, almost a Marty Robbins song mixed with a bit of mid-western country. The Chord progression isn’t complex as most of the other songs are but effective in conveying the tone Frusciante and Kiedis are providing.



In the beginning, it goes pretty fast but gets faster. Exemplary bass solo by Flea and Chad seriously drumming during the solo. Flea’s shredding while Frusciante is sprinkling his funky guitar licks everywhere. This song radiates 2004-2006 Chili Peppers energy. 

Sometimes you get lost and think that this song has been here forever.



Pretty normal Chili Peppers song in the beginning. But around the 40-second mark, the song does a complete 180 and instead of following through with the 4/4 beat, it switches to a 3/4 rhythm. This song sees Kiedis exploring the idea of love from a place of empathy. By inhabiting other perspectives in the first-person singular (“My name is…”), he considers what it’s like for different people to experience love, a fitting theme for an album called Unlimited Love.

 Once again we hear Frusciante using his experience with electronic music to use. 



Perfection, even more funk. Extra drizzling of bass and guitar licks. This song is spectacular. “Let ‘em Cry” bass and horns remind me of their cover of Sly stone’s “If You Want Me To Stay”. It definitely developed the ideas more, but it’s not entirely a new thing for them. Flea playing the trumpet and bass is flawless. Although Chad isn’t as prominent, the song is still a banger. 



This song is all over the place. It gives off subtle hints of blues in the first few seconds, but immediately changes to a sort of punk rock then slow harmonious soft rock and   wraps up with even more electronic portion of the song by Frusciante. It’s by far the most deeply written song. Definitely, the most unique song on the album since the chorus is sung exclusively by guitarist John Frusciante.

 Once again, it’s one of the songs that you think you have been hearing forever.



The First 2 seconds give a Led Zeppelin and Guns ‘n’ Roses vibes. The premise of the song is Tangelo. It’s a fruit-like orange. Now the song could be referring to the smell of the girl Anthony used to date, he remembers how she used to greet him when she saw him, and he remembers her scent. Anthony was constantly in different relationships and this specific one speaks to him.


After 8 years, The Chili Peppers have curated another phenomenal album. To me, Chili Peppers have been part of my everyday life ever since I was a kid.

The Chili Peppers love Los Angeles and encapsulate the culture that brings Los Angeles together. From Flea being the all-around Los Angeles angel who loves the Lakers, Dodgers, and everything there is to offer in L.A., to Anthony and Frusciante who love the California beaches and surf in their free time. The Chili Peppers are the perfect example of a band that really takes pride in their culture and where they’re from. The Chili peppers are so well known and part of most people’s repertuar it’s almost impossible for anyone from L.A. to not have heard of them.

Being a band from L.A., the Chili Peppers are one of the most influential and successful Rock bands ever. They’re a huge part of the culture in California. They’re part of distinguished icons such as Van Halen, MÖtley crue, and Rage Against the Machine. 

The band’s reunion for Unlimited Love was perfect and I hope that they continue to produce more music in the near future. I love the Chili Peppers and everything they’ve created and stand for. 


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