Counselors Maintain Positivity Amid Stressful Start to School Year

Ashley Patterson, Staff Reporter


Everybody knows how stressful the start of school can be, but nobody knows it like the counselors. LEE High School’s counselors are frantically trying to appease worried students as they’re flooded with scheduling mistakes, course requests, and college application questions. These dedicated staff members and their hard work are being overshadowed by the rush and stress of the start of school.

“I’m worried that I’ll fall behind my peers because I have to take three regular classes that don’t provide a GPA multiplier,” Marques Guerrero, STEM Senior said. Students are rightfully stressed and have reason to worry; scheduling mistakes are common and many can relate to the struggle of falling behind in a class they were supposed to take or not being able to take a class at all due to overbooking or errors. All some students can do is wait and hope for the best.

LEE High School counselors understand the stress that students are feeling. “We’ve all been in the boat, we’ve all had our stuff get messed up, just take time to take a breath and step back. Don’t worry about what you can’t control at this moment, your requests will be addressed by your counselor, you just have to be patient,” Mr. Wells, STEM Administrative Assistant said. 

In the mornings before school, they’re busy with requests from teachers, students, and parents. Even after school, they continue to work hard. Being bombarded with the demand of trying to fix everything and make sure everyone is content earns these counselors 12 hour or more days. 

Although many students may be angry and disappointed about their schedules, the counselors are working hard to make the 2022-2023 school year enjoyable for everybody. Even though some students may be worried about mistakes and the new school year,  LEE High School Counselors want their students to enjoy the journey and not worry.

“Think of every year as an adventure and jump right in, embrace every minute and every second of it. With every adventure sometimes we get lost, but we will always find our way.” Tanya Dellvale, LEE Counselor said. 

Every new year is a struggle for many; students and staff alike. This year is no different. Adjusting to the swing of chaos, stress, and excitement takes time and it is vital to make sure everybody is patient with one another to make this school year successful. Appreciating and recognizing the hard work Counselors do for their students is equally as vital.

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