ISA Tradition Continues with a Few Changes

Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


Everyone is familiar with school orientations; a yearly event to get students prepared for the coming school year, and an opportunity to meet new staff. ISA likes to take it a step further by making their orientation a yearly tradition. For 29 years, the Globies have been serving hot dogs at Hot Diggity Dooh Dah. 


This year, on Saturday August 13, many things would come back to normalcy however, several things would be different this year. Due to the year starting early on August 10, students had already met their teachers, and had gotten their lockers as early as the first of August. 


Mr. Steven Magedance,  Principal of ISA said; “events like these take time to plan and put together.  I start planning after it’s finished from the previous year. We start thinking of facilities, thinking about what works well, thinking about what would work better. It happened after school started because this year school started earlier.”, Principal Steven Maggedance said . Despite the change this was one of the most normal Hot Diggitys in years.


Both students and parents got to see a presentation made by the ISA teachers, and got to meet several of the great faculty members. Hot Diggity has been a way the school acclimates those new to the ISA community to the environment.


Even with the odd circumstances, several students and teachers still had positive things to say about the event. “My favorite part is getting to know all the other grades, and the ISA community coming together, and it really shows how much they care and how much the faculty and staff cares,” Max Morales (12) said. 


“It’s kind of nice to see the campus and walk around, meet the teachers; that part is really nice especially if you’re new to the program.” Mr. John Wood said.


Two of the ISA exclusive Organizations also showed up to Hot Diggity Doh Dah. The PALs, and Model UN club.


In previous years ISA and PALs meet up a week prior to the school year to prepare, and think of ice breaker activities. They made activities for the freshman class to participate in and meet the rest of their peers. Now that they weren’t restricted to the rules and regulations of the Covid-19 pandemic the PALs now had more leeway to make these games and icebreakers.


MUNSA is a long established ISA tradition with the majority of the Globie community, be it students, or staff contributing in some way to MUNSA . The ISA MUNSA team was busy promoting, and selling merchandise. They were also in charge of promoting ISA’s Model UN club.


Hot Diggity Doh Dah is an important moment for all those involved in the ISA Family. This and the other yearly events are a testament to the uniquely open, community-lead culture fostered by everyone at ISA.

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