Sensational Season Opener

Edder Martinez, Staffer


Varsity football kicked off the first game of the season with a win against the new Sotomayor High School Wildcats. On Friday, Aug. 26 at Dub Farris Stadium, the Volunteers won 12-7. 


The Vols scored two touchdowns that night and left the crowd roaring. I was the first time the Vols  participated in the Peanut Butter Bowl where teams are also challenged to donate the most peanut butter. I was also Sotomayor’s inauguration game. 




“I put us up on the board, I lead my team to a victory,”  said Noah Medellin (12., “It’s all about execution, timing, and everyone has to try their best. When you’re in that program, win or lose no matter at the end of the day you get to go back to school and have fun.”


Student organizations were excited to perform for their first football game. The Vols Band, the Royal Rubies, and Daring Drillers performed their first halftime show to the song “Bad Guy” by Billie Illish. 



“It was so exciting. We’re taught to smile but when you’re out there on the field and everyone’s cheering, it kind of just comes naturally. To prepare, we practiced for weeks, even in the summer. We have had four practices a week and we practice during class,” said darling driller Dessire Phumtin (11).


The student section was lively throughout all four quarters. These are some comments students had to say, “this game was amazing,” said Iliana Hernandez (12). “It’s so much more fun when you have more people to chant and makes it more of an experience,” said Haylee Cope (12).


The student section was also accompanied by the LEE Cheer team, and responsible for the energy given by the crowd. “We keep up the energy, we keep up the spirit because we know the crowd reflect off of us and we reflect off of them,” said cheerleader Gabriel Mikial-Orgaz (12).

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