STEM Allows Students Choice During LEE Time

Chris Loustaunau, Editor-in-Chief


LEE Time is a place where students can participate in multigrade level meetings every week, but STEM’s adaptation of this takes it to the next level.


STEM created a system of committees that make the time a whole lot more enjoyable. The committees allow likeminded people to enjoy a whole class period doing activities of their choice.


Teachers wanted to pursue the idea of committees because they believe that injecting interest into STEM’s curriculum helps students to foster their own talents and interests. It’s meant to build a strong connection between students of different grade levels while still having an exemplary time. This exemplifies how creative STEM can be. 


“The committees provide an outlet for students to pursue interests outside of academics, and a way to build a healthy community and do things with students that have a common interest,” Angelica Garza, STEM Chemistry teacher said. “Students here have more of a say in what they do here and what it is they want to do and who they want to spend their time with, but still stay productive.”


This is an outstanding use of LEE Time that will allow students to relax by doing activities that they enjoy and spend time with like-minded people. “I definitely think that it has a potential to spread to the other schools but, won’t necessarily look like how stem does it. And I think it will be interesting to see how different they would look,” Ms. Garza said.

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