16 de Septiembre

Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


The Fifteenth of September marks the beginning of hispanic heritage month and the day after, the sixteenth of September marks Mexican Independence Day. ISA Spanish Honor Society celebrated this occasion by performing music and dances for ISA students. 


Thursday The Spanish Honors Society hosted its first dieciséis de septiembre event in two years during LEE flextime in the auditorium. This long standing ISA tradition started 25 years ago in 1997 by Berta (mama) Galan one of ISA’s oldest staff members and only recently retired. 


ISA focuses its curriculum on being a global citizen, to think globally, and to celebrate other perspectives and cultures. Performances like these are one of many ways the school teaches its students about other cultures.


“I think for  all of us at ISA it really mean a lot because ISA really focuses on global perspectives,” said senior Ava Flores, member of SHS. “We celebrate different cultures and i think it’s important to celebrate different cultures especially at ISA so celebrating Mexican independence day is important to help us understand other cultures.”  


Events like these take staff time to plan and this was student planned making it more impressive. “We did a lot of planning, we started planning a month in advance, and coordinated what we wanted to do. We knew we wanted to do a dancing aspect since the beginning since that’s always been a part of dieciseis. Part of the holiday has always been having a dance,” said Flores.


“My favorite part about planning was planning what to say and how to introduce everything, our dances and our little head fights so getting to think how to introduce it was very fun,” said Sofia Martinez (11).


These long standing traditions help students build a larger understanding of the world around them and build a bigger school identity at ISA.

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