Under the Sea, In the PAC

Jennifer Hernandez & Noemi Ramirez, Staff Reporters


A minute long clip of the live action Little Mermaid movie was released Friday, September 9, and It has now become a trend on many social media platforms to get your childrens’ reaction to the Walt Disney teaser.


The production has many young men and women in the african-american community caught by surprise to see a Disney princess who was originally white in the 1989 cartoon become a diverse role model in a matter of mere seconds. 


Having a diverse original Disney princess in Hollywood is a monumental moment, given the industry’s reputation for being closed minded and set in stone on their strict body, skin and hair types.


Halle Bailey will be the next red headed, green tailed Ariel Triton in The Little Mermaid set to be released May 26, 2023. Nearly 30 years after the original movie. Actors Jonah Hauer-King, Mellissa McCarthy, Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay will join her on set to play fan favorites like Ursula, Prince Eric and Flounder. 


Due to this recent change of Ariel’s race, students on campus were curious to know if this would affect the way North East School Of The Arts  would cast their roles for The Little Mermaid fall show this 2022-23 school year.


“We like to have colorblind casting for all of our shows, so if we had somebody that was perfect for the role no matter what there skin color was we’d be open for it, it didn’t affect what we did but i’m excited to see that production opening up to a similar time to it, to get all the excitement from,” Mr. Daniel Everidge said. “It didn’t affect our casting we would cast the same either way, but we’re always open to all people of color.” 


Auditions and casting for all three NESA shows took place prior to the beginning of the school year. Senior Arden Allmon and sophomore Sophia Leune were both cast in lead roles, and will be alternating playing Ariel between shows.  


NESA will be performing their show in the Performing Arts Center at LEE High School November  4-6 and 11-13. Showcase times are at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday Nov. 4/5 & 11/12, and the Sunday showcase time is at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 6/13


Tickets will be available for purchase on October 11 at  https://nesa.booktix.com  Tickets are $15 and premium seating tickets are $20.


The show will be directed by Mr. Everidge the acting director and the assistant director will be Michelle Ko. 


“You can expect some magic, some disney humppa, some wonderful numbers, some incredible voices and great entertainment for the whole family,” Mr. Everidge said. “It’s going to be the big ‘ole musical to end all music. It will be an enchantment under the sea.”

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