Truss Turmoil

Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


After former UK Prime Minister Borris Johnson resigned from his role Prime Minister Liz Truss was elected by the conservative party to serve as head of the government. Truss’ term was short-lived with her prime ministership being the shortest in the country’s history


Her term began on Sep. 6th and ended only after 44 days on Oct. 25th. Her shortlisted term was defined by the failure of the UK economy after her government passed a new reformed budget for the country. Afterwards, the value of the British pound would plummet.


Her first few weeks were not filled with much excitement as the mourning period for the queen and UN conferences preoccupied her, but almost as soon as she got into the swing of things the British economy was affected. She announced a mini-budget with several tax cuts, and immediately the British pound suffered dropping in value quickly. She borrowed money from other countries, only increasing the debt and causing the Bank of England to step in.


Despite this, her term will likely be most remembered for the death of Queen Elizabeth the second, and the coronation of current King Charles the third. The queen’s death and legacy will likely be tied to Liz Truss with the last official act, and known photo of the Queen being her appointing Lizz Truss as PM.


The Conservative party and members of parliament have elected their new head of the party, Prime minister Rishi Sunak. He marks many firsts for the country being the youngest prime minister since 1812 at the age of 42, but more importantly the first person of color to run the country. Sunak pledges to solve many of the economic problems brought upon by Lizz’s government.


The economic future of the UK is now rocky at best, and the labor has gained several points over the Tories in the past month. With the past two out of three Conservative Prime ministers not being elected directly by the people the future of the Conservatives in Britain doesn’t seem hopeful either.

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