Addams Family Legacy Lives On

Isabella Geltman, Contributor


Mysterious and spooky are definitely what Tim Burton’s new Netflix series “Wednesday” promised and fulfilled. This quirky show perfectly adds Burton’s classic macabre touch to the already kooky Addams family. Getting to revisit a childhood staple through a more modern lens has truly been a whirlwind.


With a cast not only serving wonderful representations of our familiar characters but also an absolutely killer performance, expectations were exceeded. The show starts with an introduction to Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), and the delinquency that led to attending her new private school Nevermore Academy. The other attending outcasts are introduced as we see this extravagantly over the top school become a character of its own.


Soon after meeting the new characters it is discovered that a recent string of murders have corrupted this small town. After Wednesday witnesses a fellow student murdered in front of her by a rather peculiar monster, we embark on the mystery in a “Nancy Drew”-esque way.


Although the script can find itself to be a bit cliche or inferior at times, it gives the show a young and playful element that’s seen in prior renditions of The Addams Family. With Wednesdays partner, Thing, a witty and sarcastic sidekick (who happens to be a hand), they make new friends and foes on their way to putting an end to this murder spree. 


The soundtrack of the series is incredibly true to the nature and wit of the show. Danny Elfman, the composer, has picked out songs like The Rolling Stones “Paint it Black”, performed in an eerie cello performance. The goth and gloom environment is well enraptured by somber music throughout the season, as each mood is well encompassed by the scenery and dialogue. 


Costume designer, Colleen Atwood, flawlessly envelops the personality of the characters into the wardrobe seen on the show. She styles them in clothes with a modern spin without shying away from their quirks. Makeup artist, Nirvana Jalalvand, also gave an interesting take on the normal cut and dry Wednesday look. She gave the characters dimension while bringing out their essence in simple yet impactful ways. 


Overall in just the span of one season we have seen the characters develop while still remaining the people everyone seems to now know and love. As the end of this season hints at a second, new and previous fans of the franchise are itching to see how this season’s questions will be answered. Until then, feel free to give this series a chance, there’s no room for disappointment.

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