Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


M.U.N.S.A has established itself as a long running tradition at ISA. Being held in early January every year. But, this year it’s going through Jan. seventh to eighth. M.U.N.S.A has recently wrapped up its 27th installment, and M.U.N.S.A XXVII Empower was significant due to being the first conference held at trinity since 2020.


Trinity and ISA continue their partnership once again. For the seniors attending M.U.N.S.A this year they have not seen this campus since being part of the press corps their freshman year. 

452 ISA students attended the conference this year.


Freshman attended the first day to write papers about their assigned committee rooms giving them a taste of M.U.N.S.A in preparation for their sophomore year where they get to participate as delegates in assigned committee rooms. Most Juniors and Seniors typically come back as Chairs or staff and the most dedicated of the Seniors become secretariat.


ISA sophomore Luke Daines said, “Freshman year I attended M.U.N.S.A at this school as part of the press corps here at school and it was fine, but it didn’t have the same feel; I wasn’t as excited last year and I was just kinda sitting in the back of the room, But this year when we finally went to trinity It was a whole different experience”


M.U.N.S.A’s first year back at Trinity has been a success, and M.U.N.S.A XXVII has come to a close. Trinity’s Partnership still continues as well as ISA tradition.


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