Report of a Weapon on Campus Leads to Recovery of Gun

Madison Munoz, Staff Reporter


A student was found with a gun on campus, on Tuesday, February 14.


Administrators received a tip that a student may have a weapon. North East Officers were then informed, and shortly after the student in question was identified and the gun was found.


For the students on campus, the incident did not serve as an interruption to the school day. The campus did not go into lockdown, which was the correct procedure given the circumstance. 


For concerned parents and students, Assistant Principal Denise Hinchman spoke on the matter. “The reasons we would go into a lockdown are, one there is an active shooter, or if we couldn’t locate the weapon,” she said.


Students were not informed during the school day, however an email was sent to parents. “There was an email sent out. It was scheduled to go out at 12:30,” said Hinchman. “If they did not receive it I have asked them to check their skyward access to make sure their email address is correct and that they have not opted out from receiving emails.”


The school did not speak directly with local news stations, as there is a central person, Aubrey Chancellor, who handles the media. Statements found online are from the email sent to parents.


Lastly, student safety is always the top priority. “Please don’t open the doors for anyone, and please keep communication with your AP’s. If you see something, say something,” said Hinchman.

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