AI Takeover?

Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


The advancement in AI has made it into one of the most defining parts of this decade. First starting with AI like DAll E a new AI has become part of the cultural zeitgeist, Chat GPT. This program is able to generate essays not imagined before.


Chat GPT is a chat box not too different to the ones you may find on customer service websites, it does have a wide range of topics and can generate completely original things such as scripts, books, and essays. It works just like any form of AI where in this case Chat GPT accumulates hundreds of thousands books, essays, and litterature to learn from.


Companies like Microsoft have poured millions of dollars into projects like these. However, the excitement has not been shared by all. This new technology has allowed for some students to plagiarize essays from the AI. Now applications like Google classroom have now released Chat GPT detectors


Teachers have formed their opinions on the programs. Some teachers have seen this as a threat to academic honesty while others see it as a new promising way to educate their students. “As we progress with AI technology and its ability to help us it’s important to teach students how to use these types of tools responsibly, and not to demonize them or condemn them, and show students how their brains are more sophisticated than any AI.”Said English teacher Mr.Cruz. 


Ms.Wells, another English teacher, had to say, “It’s ability to basically have a conversation with you and learn from what you are asking it to do astounds me. I’ve played around with it and had it write lesson plans, essays on my prompts, 7 day healthy meal plans, a speech about integrity…it’s super fun to play with”. The program has been demonstrated to have actual promising educational purposes that don’t just boil down to plagiarism. 


Although some have expressed how useful this tool can be in school and daily life, the program is in its infancy, and may have its limitations. Open AI, the company responsible for developing ChatGPT, Ceo Sam altman said himself on a tweet, “it’s a mistake to be relying on it for anything important right now.Its a preview of progress; we have lots we have a lot of work to do on robustness and truthfulness.”


ISA Senior, David Lerma then shared, “This morning with my teacher Ms.Prado we joked about summa cum laude, and the speeches we had to write tonight which are heartfelt, and we considered using ChatGPT to see how heart felt it would make it if at all. While it did write us a speech it was not heartfelt at all”. 


ChatGPT reportedly still lacks the complexity, and uniqueness of one individual writing. Most people interviewed did see its usefulness and a good place to start with your own writing and reference, or to get busy work done and out of the way. That may be the future of this program, but one individual’s writing still is more complex for now than any AI.


“Well you can’t stop progress, and so we are progressing with our technologies and our ability to interact with artificial intelligence. The responsibility of a teacher in school is to teach students how to responsibly engage with these tools, to know when to use them, and to know when it’s not the best to use them…. I think we’re living in an incredible time where there’s huge technological advancements. Even though that is the case, its ability to create things and to help us is blossoming at this moment in time. I want my students to know they can create things as good or even better than any piece of AI”, Said Mr.Cruz when asked about ChatGPT.

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