Students Caught with Unauthorized Key Cards

Chris Loustaunau, Editor-in-chief


On Feb. 8th, four students were called into the main office for questioning over the unlawful use and possession of keycards which they had manufactured in order to gain access through locked doors on campus. These students were eventually sentenced to four days of in-school suspension. 


Unlawfully possessing a keycard to a school is a felony offense, specifically; breaking and entering of a government building. And following security protocol is one of the most important factors to consider with unsupervised children.  However, these students were not charged because they are minors.. 


One of the students who were part of this incident claimed that they were only trying to get to class on time and that the keycard was necessary to getting to class before the bell rang. However, they didn’t go through any legitimate process to carry a key card on their person. 


“I totally understand why they did it however, I don’t condone how they went about the situation” Mr. Jackson, STEM physics teacher said. 


STEM administration failed to respond to requests for comment.

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