Marinela Scholarship Sweepstakes Offers Helping Hand

Allison Ornelas, Staff Reporter


$25,000 dollars in tuition money is being offered to four random students from anywhere in the US. Marinela, the brand popular for their Mexican cakes and treats, is sponsoring the Feed Your Dreams sweepstakes from June 19 through September 10. For many students, entering is a great opportunity to pursue a meaningful career path.


Through the form on the official sweepstakes website,, eligible contestants are encouraged to sign up for the drawing. One of the two main requirements to enter is full time enrollment into almost any type of schooling or educational program. The other demand is that participants under 18 need parent permission to enter.


“Honestly, I’m relying on a scholarship because the school I want to go to [St. Mary’s University] is really expensive,” Odessa Cuny (10) said. “If I did win the drawing, it could help pay for my first year.”

For years, Marinela has been feeding people all over the world with their famous Gansitos, Pinguinos, and Sponch cookies. The Feed Your Dreams sweepstakes is feeding young students an opportunity, a way to build careers based on their passions.

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