New Math Class Addresses Long-time Gap in Curriculum

Edder Martinez, Staff Reporter


“When will I ever need this in the real world?”


“I wish they taught me how to do this in school.”


These are common phrases said by anyone who has attended high school, and more likely than not they’re referring to math and money. Well, a step towards addressing this question has been made on this campus by introducing the Financial Math class. 


Ms. Angeline Malsbury said; “when I get asked that question, when will I ever need this, a lot of time the answer is honestly ‘you won’t’ but what we’re learning here is used every day.” Ms. Malsbury believes teaching this subject is vital for the students’ life after they graduate, and is passionate about math and combining it with our daily lives.


“It’s very relaxed here, we tend to chat a lot about our work and we haven’t done a lot of independent work right now it’s a lot of group work and collaborative work,” Ms. Malsbury said.


Part of the curriculum includes a year-long project where students run their own financial lives for a year. “So far we’ve started our budget projects and we’ve set up our budgets for the year, and instead of real-life money we have a class currency and we’re actually going to keep track of our budgets,” she said.


Currently, this class is only available for LEE, STEM, and NESA, students in ISA can’t participate. The class isn’t a requirement but does count as a fourth year of math.

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