50 Points to Hufflepuff

Samantha Briano Gonzalez, Staff Reporter


NESA senior, Katherine Day, is the costume designer for Puffs, Allied Campus Theater’s first show of the year. 


Day works behind the scenes to style the magical world depicted the Harry Potter spoof. Her favorite part of getting ready for this show is working with everyone on the costume team.


“I have so much fun working together. I love coming up with silly things to do with the costumes that are going to make the audience laugh,” she said. “If you love Harry Potter, this show is for you; if you hate Harry Potter, this show is for you.”


Day thinks the most difficult part of getting ready for this show has been the organization required. “We have over 60 costumes for this show,” she said. “It is a huge amount of quick changes, so we’re trying to make sure that everything is set so the actors can do their job perfectly. I feel like we are going to have a really amazing production this year, especially because we have a very different program this year. We just want to show that off and invite everyone to come see it.”


Senior Aidan Romero echoed Day’s sentiment saying; “my favorite part about this show is that we got a lot of new people in the program. I think it is so great just getting to know everybody, it’s been so fun hanging out, and acting together has been great.” In terms of costumes, Romero described the bald cap that he has to wear as “terrifying.”


Puffs premiers on Friday, Sep. 29 and runs for three performances.

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