A Leader by Heart

Addison Gregory, Contributor 


To be a leader is not just about doing what needs to be done, but also doing it with compassion. For some, this takes time and commitment, for others, it’s second nature. It has to be in your heart to lead, so you can lead in the hearts of others.

Gabrielle Silva is a leader by heart. As a senior, Silva’s been in band for seven years, the mellophone section leader for less than a year, and is already excelling.

Silva does her job as a section leader, but also so much more than that. She’s a good friend, and helps with things outside of band. If you look sad, she’ll ask you what’s wrong, if you’re happy, she’ll be happy with you.

Silva isn’t just friendly within her section, but to everyone. “Gabi is a very kind, humorous, and intelligent person,” freshman trumpet Luke Leyva said.

Without our section leaders, the band would fall into chaos. Part of their job is to make sure that we stay calm and organized. On the bus going to games and competitions, her and the trumpet section leader, Katherin Winter, keep the peace. 

They are the source of information and knowledge. As new freshmen come in, it’s their job to train and teach them. There are band directors in band, but the true teachers are the section leaders.”She’s taught me so much in band and in life, what to do, what not to do,” freshman mellophone Raina Siffuentes said.

Silva is an excellent teacher. She has helped our band grow so much, especially with the freshmen. “She’s the one who helped me the most during marching season,” freshman trumpet Luke Leyva said.

Not only does Silva excel in band, but also in the classroom.”She’s a sweetheart, and she definitely has a good work ethic. I enjoy having her as one of my advisory leaders, I never have to worry about getting motivated or getting the kids motivated,” STEM freshman biology teacher Ms. Chadwick said.

To be able to keep up academically along with all of the time band takes away, is a talent in itself. With rehearsals 3-5 times a week, football games on fridays and saturdays, and competition on the weekends, keeping your grades high is a very high task. But Silva has risen to meet it.

As easy as Silva makes it look, being practically perfect all the time isn’t so simple. “My biggest struggle is probably trying to be a good leader and just person all the time,” Gabrielle Silva.

Silva is a STEM student. She’s in the  technology pathway, which means there are a number of courses she has to take, including Principles of Computer Science, and Computer Science 1 Honors. She’s been in STEM since 6th grade, so she’s been in STEM for almost seven years. That’s a lot of work and commitment.

To be involved in as many activities as Silva is and still succeed, is a superpower in itself. She’s a band section leader, a STEM ambassador and officer, and advisory leader, she’s involved in NHS, and on top of all of that she’s an amazing student. To say that what she does is amazing, is an understatement. 

A lot of students have trouble balancing between their activities and school work. “It is a little complicated balancing my life and school work, but I manage.” Freshman Sofia Vivanco said.

Gabrielle Silva is an amazing person, student, and leader as a whole. She doesn’t just lead, but she leads with compassion. The best kind of leader is the kind that becomes a friend.

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