Soul Sounds

Isabella Geltman, Staff Reporter


Music is one of the most influential and commonly consumed forms of media that can be accessed by anyone at any time. Everyday through every hallway students use their wires, airpods, or headphones to stream whatever music is pushing them through the day. We can relate to others through lyrics from musicians that speak to us even on the most surface-level. Heaps of people have made friends through shared music taste, or finding each other through an artist’s fanbase. While many of us are listening to something different, we’re all pulling from the same passion for sound. If I want to get to know someone, I ask what they’re listening to.


We all listen for different reasons too. I look for the lyrics and how the song actually makes me feel, however this can be different from person to person,“Music calms me down and puts me in the right headspace while letting me regulate my emotions,” said Ava Dominguez (11).


Without the reinforcement music gives, people can get lost or bored with even everyday tasks. “Music gives me a distraction, complete silence is boring and music gives me the motivation to be productive wherever I am,” said Jacqui Hernandez (11).


Music can be a form of intrinsic motivation for people, while it’s not a physical reward it creates real joy. “I listen to music because it makes me happy, I can forget about my problems through a positive escape,” said Ana Del Alamo (11).


People often lose themself in the negative, but music allows you to travel somewhere else without affecting your mental or physical well-being. “I listen because music makes the little things more impactful. I’m always listening,” Sam Briano (11). Whether you’re trying to saturate your feelings or forget about them, music provides a safe space and someone to relate to. 


People have found their voice and livelihoods through music. Whether producer, singer, writer, there are many professions in the music scene. These people have given many something to live for, or the motivation to find what that is. We’re all energy and finding or creating what we’re passionate about gives us a sense of purpose and hope. There really is something for everyone.

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