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Immigration Aggreement: Four Democrats and Four Republicans

Eight leading senators announced on January 28, 2013 they come to

Coming Soon: Baseball tryouts

Attention all boys trying out for baseball on Friday. Everyone should

1/2 priced book fines

If students have book fines, and they want to pay those

Attention All Candy Lovers

Students can begin ordering Halloween Candy Grams for their friends or

What’s your choice?

This Nov. 6, citizens 18 and older have the opportunity to

Step Into Lee Pride

Have you ever been intrested in being in a step team?

Democratic Convention Wowed by Julian Castro

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro spoke at the demorcatic convention this

New Year, New Rules; An Opinion

This new school year began some what strict on dress code,

Facts You May Not Know About

Here's some interesting fun facts to impress your friends.

Relationship Abuse: Don’t Stay, Walk Away

Read more on how to spot the signs of and leave

UIL Regional Results

This past weekend competing at UIL regional , & we had

Lights, Camera, Cinema!

Two NESA Cinema students are requesting actors for their semi-silent films.

Don’t Be A Bully, Be A Friend

Following the aftermath of the bullying of a teenager in Corpus,

UIL concert and Sightreading

This Wednesday, April 18, Lee Symphonic band will be participating in

NESA Creative Writers Present: Poetry Cafe

Enjoy listening and hearing poetry? Come to the NESA Creative Writers
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